We update our adoption page weekly. Here is a list of pugs who are currently up for adoption and what they require in a new home.

Pug resting on floor, Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash
Pugsy Malone. Photo by JC Gellidon

Pugsy Malone

Pugsy is a lovely boy who is very loving with a great sense of humor. He loves snacks, so you will have to keep eye on your open packet of potato chips. He gets along with other dogs and children, but often demands all of the attention and can have the tendency to get jealous. If you want a loyal, loving and cheeky companion then Pugsy is your guy.

Medical Needs

No pre-existing conditions

Background Information

Former owner left the country


Well trained but may whimper for food

Lifestyle Needs

Cannot be left alone for long periods of time