What We Do

We provide ongoing health care and medical care to the pugs who come to our shelter and provide them with the comforts of home, either until they are rehomed or indefinitely. We also provide information about the Pug breed, so that you can make an educated decision about whether adopting a pug is the right decision for both parties.

How We Spend Our Donations

We spend our donations on basic care and ongoing health care. Basic and health care covers; 2 meals a day, bedding, dog bowls, sanitary supplies,flea and worm treatments and spay/neutering. A large amount of our donations go towards vet visits and medication for our residents who have chronic or serious health concerns.

Health and Safety Policies

  • Dogs must receive adequate quantities of nutritious food to enable each dog to:
    i) maintain good health;
    ii) meet its physiological demands, including those resulting from the level of physical activity,
    growth, pregnancy, lactation and exposure to cold; and
    iii) avoid metabolic and nutritional disorders.
  • Body Condition. (a) If a dog is exhibiting a body condition score “thin” (as defined in Schedule II: Assessment of Body
    Condition of Dogs) in conjunction with any other physical or behavioural indicators of malnutrition,
    appropriate remedial action through veterinary attention or improved nutrition must be taken.
  • (b) If a dog is exhibiting a body condition score “grossly obese” (as defined in Schedule II: Assessment
    of Body Condition of Dogs), veterinary advice must be sought and remedial action taken to decrease
    body weight using a planned exercise programme to increase energy expenditure and dietary
    modification to reduce energy intake.
  • Dogs must have frequent access to water, appropriate to their needs, that is palatable to the dog, not
    harmful to health and available in quantities sufficient to maintain vital bodily functions.

Unethical Breeding

Before acquiring a dog, intending dog owners should seek advice from experts such as reputable breeders, veterinarians. The ethical issue with pug breeding, is how they are bred to look a certain way despite the health problems caused by their desired ‘cute’ appearance.

These serious chronic health problems are commonly breathing related, but they can also have eye problems and cannot give birth naturally. Pug lovers may not be educated about these health concerns, or the involvement of caring for a pug. Pugs may be treated like they are a cute accessory rather than a living being for this reason, and when their vet bills increase the owner may not have the means to support them.

What You Can Do

You can make a difference in the lives of the residents at Pug Refuge, you can help give them a new home, a warm bed, and the health care they need to live a happy life. You can do this by donating, buying from our shop or adopting a pug. Whatever you choose, every dollar counts.

Pug looking up, Photo by Karin Hiselius on Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/DIIuLXAnCmU
Pug Refuge. Photo by Karin Hiselius